Who the heck is the Princess?

You’re speaking of The Princess of Persuasion™. She’s the alter ego of Laurie Lonsdorf and pretty much the brains behind the operation. The Princess is a crackerjack copywriter who has a knack for creating distinctive marketing messages. You know, the kind that jump right off the page.

Mind you the Princess is not your average copywriter.

She’s not really your average anything. Some time ago she got the notion that doing things the boring way just wasn’t cutting it. So she donned her sparkly tiara and set out on a crusade to put some fun into business.

People just seem to love her style—it’s professional with just a twist of wacky for some added flavor. She has days when she tips more towards court jester than refined royalty, but you can always be sure she’ll give you the royal treatment.

We’re talking experience, and the Princess has
loads of it.

She’s orbited several working worlds. Like way back when she worked for a non-profit auction for the arts as communications director. Or the copyediting and project management gig she did not so long ago for a technical communications firm, earning her the knick name “eagle eyes.” She even did a stint in one of those very large consulting firms where they wear khaki pants and polo shirts on casual day. Then one day she landed happily in her current realm. Hey, if the tiara fits...

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Laurie Lonsdorf
The Princess of Persuasion

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