Stay in Touch with Newsletter Marketing

You've heard it all before, you've got to stay in touch with your contacts on a regular basis. The only problem is, that's a lot of work. Not when you let The Princess of Persuasion™ handle it all.

We've designed our Stay in Touch newsletter marketing to be easy and affordable enough so any business can use our services. Here's how it works.

Connect as often as you want. We'll sit down together and decide how often you want to connect with your contacts—whether that's quarterly, bimonthly or monthly. Then we'll determine the themes and columns you want to create the right impression.

How we do it is up to you. You pick the format for your newsletter: print, HTML email, or simple text email. We'll have some discussions and pick your brain so we understand what's important to tell your audience. Then we'll create some custom captivating content that will give real value to your contacts.

Create a look that reflects your business. If you picked a print or HTML format, we'll lay it out in a pre-designed template that you've selected. You can include your logo, your photo and your company colors, so it reflects the flavor of your company. We'll even help you dream up a newsletter name if you need some brainstorming help.

We'll get the word out. Next we'll help you send your simple text or HTML newsletter through email (many of our clients use distribution lists and we're happy to recommend the right one for you.) For your print newsletter, just give us your labels, and we'll print it in full color on our printer, fold, stamp, label and drop it at the post office. Whew, is that easy for you, or what?

It's time to Stay in Touch!

Want to know more? Just give The Princess a jingle at 206.764.9980, or drop her an email and soon you'll be connecting effortlessly.

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Newsletter Pricing

Simple Text Email Newsletter:

$299 per issue

HTML Email Newsletter:

$399 per issue