A Distinguished List of Clients

People ask if we specialize in any particular industry. Well try as we might, companies of all types continue gravitating to The Princess of Persuasion™. We’re not kidding. From hotels to wireless hotspots. Event planners to executive coaches. Corporate titans to the proverbial ma & pa shops. They’re all looking for one thing, and that’s clear, compelling marketing messaging and web design services.

Here's just a smattering of the great businesses we've helped.

acadia creative
Advanced Approach
Allen Partners
Aztec Components
CLK Events
D.A. Davidson & Co.
Evergreen Moneysource
Excellence Seminars International
Experience Vacations
Frank Russell Company
Jacobson Jarvis
Hawley & Associates, LLC
Horizon Bank
Marriott Hotels & Resorts
Merriweather Training & Development
Modo Group
out wee go!
Doggone Fun Dog Walking
OZmosis Leadership
Ravenna Gardens
Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.
Smooth Groove Productions
Team Reba/REMax Metro Realty
Tracey Conway Speaking
The Lessinger Team
University of Washington

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Newsletter Marketing is Right for Your Business!!!

Newsletter marketing is ideal for all types of businesses. Sole proprietors who have no formal marketing in place. Small or medium businesses without permanent marketing staff. Or large businesses who want to connect with their internal clients.

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